WOW!  What an amazing time we are navigating as a nation.  First and foremost, I believe we live in the greatest country on the planet and I am thankful for all healthcare workers, truck drivers, grocery store staff and the countless others who are performing essential jobs during these unprecedented times in an effort to keep our country moving forward.  We will all get through this together!


Our number one focus is on the safety of our staff and guests.   In addition to our routine cleaning of our tables we are implementing the following protocols:

​For the safety of our staff and your guests, all Custom Casino Events staff will wear a mask throughout the entire duration of any event.  We also require that players at the gaming tables wear a mask or face covering.  We will gladly provide disposable masks at every table or you may provide them.  There will be a nominal PPE charge if Custom Casino Events provides the disposable masks.   We will NOT price gouge any client for PPE.  

Hand Sanitizer will be available for use at every gaming table we provide at every event and your guests will be free to use it.  

All tables will be cleaned with a virucidal disinfectant before, during and immediately after an event to help contain the spread of not just COVID-19 but other common cold and flu germs.  

All gaming chips used at an event will be washed in soap and water before they go out to another event.  

To minimize handling we will no longer allow gaming chips to leave the gaming tables and will implement a "Players Card" system at our event.  Everyone will start with a card worth 250 in chips.  The card can be redeemed at any gaming table.  Once a player is finished at a table the dealer will hand them a new card with their chip winnings notated.  That card can be redeemed at the table of choice to continue playing. 

We ask that music in the area of the casino be kept to a level conducive to being able to hear.  It's important that our guests can hear a dealer while they are being taught to play.  It is our goal to achieve teaching games to your guests without having people shouting across the table to hear or be heard.  

We will be rotating our staff weekly in a effort to keep our team working and help contain any future spread of COVID-19, cold and flu.  Our team members will not work consecutive weekends and will be hired for an event every 14 days as the events begin to come back.  This measure will assist us in keeping our team members as healthy as possible to serve our great community.  

We are all excited to be able to get back to work and look forward to being able to serve your event.  

Stay Safe!